5 way to use breadcrumbs

5 way to use breadcrumbs

Don’t waste your stale bread, grate it and toast it! You will discover like a poor ingredient can give a twist to your ordinary dish!

You can prepare the white breadcrumb, grating just the white crumb, or the golden one, grating the bread crust.

To dress your favourite pasta – In Sicily, the breadcrumb was considered the cheese of the poor people. For a super simple dish follow this recipe: while your pasta is cooking, in a big pan brown a whole garlic clove, together with a little anchovies finely chopped a some chilli.

Add some breadcrumbs and toast well, season with salt and pepper. Add the cooked pasta in the pan and toss well. Enjoy

To fill your meat or fish rolls- In a bowl mix your bradcrumbs (not toasted in this case, but simply grated) with garlic and parsely finely chopped, grated parmesan or pecorino cheese, salt, pepper, extravirgin olive oil and some orange juice for a sweet contrast.
Fill your thin slice of meat or fish with a little ball of this filling. Dust with more breadcrumbs on the top and bake it for few minutes. For a veggie version you can use grilled aubergines.

To make gratin- for a tasty crust on your vegetable or lasagna you can dust some toasted breadcrumbs and a little bit of extravirgin olive. A super easy and healty alternative to the bechamelle sauce

To breading fish vegetable and meat. You can choose the classic italian trio flour + beaten egg + breadcrumbs or the sicilian way extravirgin olive oil + breadcrumbs

To thickner your soups and sauce. A simple and easy way to give creaminess to your dish without covering the taste