Cauliflower and split red lentils soup

Cauliflower and split red lentils soup

I said “welcome” to the New Year sitting beside the Thames river, looking at the fireworks, so grateful to be again in my favorite city with my family.

Grateful yes, 2017 has been a good year, rich of professional goals, really hard moments and unexpected conquests.

I’m not that kind of person who loves to make new year resolutions but there is a word coming on my mind during these days: “ME

I’m feeling the urgency to focus on myself, not for selfish reason, but I strongly believe that it’s time to discover again the pleasure in doing small things that bring joy in my life. Sounds good, right?

It’s not a secret that January is the detox month, after the indulgent Christmas time rich of cookies, tortellini and red wine – and also a huge amount of scones for me! – the body asks for plants based meals and citrus fruits.

So, no surprise here, the first recipe of the year is a soup.

seasonal vegetable, the cauliflower, that became super warming with spices like cumin seeds and curry. A good bunch of split red lentils add creamyness and protein to your soup.

Cauliflower and split red lentil soup

1 medium cauliflower -3 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil – 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped – 2 teaspoon cumin seeds – 2 teaspoon mild curry powder – 150 g. split red lentils – salt e pepper – 1/2 lemon, juiced – 1 tablespoons pumpkin seeds.

Remove the external leaves from the cauliflower, cutt off the stalk and chopp it, the cut the head into small florets.

In a heavy pan heat the extra virgin olive oil, add the galic and cook until soft. Add in the spices and the cauliflower tossing well to combine the ingredients.

Finally add the lentils and a pinch of salt and pepper. Add boiling water to cover the ingredients then let it cook until soft and tender.

Blitz in a food processor until smooth, adding water if necessary.

Add lemon just, adjust the taste with sal and pepper and serve warm adding the pumpkin seeds on top.