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Few notes about my virtual cooking class


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Few notes about  my virtual cooking class

2019 was an amazing year for my work.

I taught many cooking classes, I met so many people and, above all, I built strong new work relationships.

I spent December relaxing with my family and then in January I started to receive the first reservations for the new season.

Then, Covid-19 hit and overwhelmed everything like a tsunami. I don’t like to complain, but I must to say that watching my work crumble under my eyes within a couple of days, after many years of commitment and dedication…well, I will never forget those days.

The lockdown in Italy was been a “real” lockdown. We spent almost two and a half months locked into our homes. One evening we could go out, the next morning were told not to leave—and there we stayed. It was like living an eternal Sunday, without the joy of a real Sunday. As a family, we tried to enjoy this huge amount of time cooking, playing cards, and watching almost everything on Netflix. We tried to come back to the priorities of health and time—the only things that nobody can buy.

I received emotional messages and emails from my guests.

One day, in the late evening, I received a message from Patrick, a guest that also became a friend. We chatted about the crazy period we were living in and he told me, “I think you must do online classes.” I was very doubtful. The strength of my lessons is precisely that special connection that is created when we start cooking in person, together.

But Patrick is smart and determined and most of all, he knows me!

After a couple of days he wrote me, “We are almost 10… find a day!”

It was April 25, my husband’s birthday and also the start of this new adventure.

I have done many virtual cooking classes since that day. I have had the opportunity to see again—virtually—many guests I met through the years here in Tuscany, and I have had the pleasure to meet new ones.

A real gift.

Few notes about my virtual cooking class
online cooking classes

But how does a virtual cooking class with me work?

Periodically, I send the calendar to my guests with menus based on seasonal products.

Virtual cooking classes  are open to all, but I accept no more than 5 Zoom screens per class in order to follow and help each person or couple and to work in a relaxing and intimate atmosphere.

It’s also possible to arrange a private lesson, with customizable menu and timing.

After you book a virtual cooking class I send you the ingredients and equipment list. I always do my best to choose ingredients that are easy to find, as well kitchen tools…but I need to say that many of your kitchens are plentiful with gadgets!

For almost 2 hours we cook, chat, and learn new things.

Now, after months of experience, my feeling about the online classes is absolutely positive.

On my personal “list of things to be grateful for in 2020” I will add the new adventure of virtual coaching.

virtual cooking class
virtual cooking class

What are the advantages of taking a virtual class?

  • You cook in your kitchen, in a space that you know well and that allows you to feel comfortable;
  • You always learn new dishes;
  • Recipes are customizable with ingredients that you can easily find in your country;
  • If you love the dish, you can now add it to your kitchen repertoire;
  • You cook with my guidance, from the beginning to the end (yes, I will ask you to show me your progress along the way);
  • I never leave you without instructions, even after the class!

Are there disadvantages of distance learning?

  • The amount of lessons is limited due to our different time zones;
  • Grams to cups conversions—your metric system makes me crazy!

Above all, I miss our hugs at the end of the lessons—but I am hopeful they will come back soon. Until then, I hope to see you online!

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