Little tarts with ricotta cream and strawberries jam

Little tarts with ricotta cream and strawberries jam

Well I can say I’m not a fan of Valentine’s day, but any occasion is good for baking!

I love the idea of these little tarts, mostly of desserts and tarts are pretty better if they are made in smaller individual portions.

I used the classic sablèe dough, is richer in butter and sugar then a classic pie crust, less crumbly and suitable for cream and fruit fillings.


for the sablèe dough: 250 g. (8.8 oz) all purpose flour – 150 g. (5.2 oz) unsalted butter, cold and diced – 150 g. (5.2 oz) sugar – 2 egg yolks – vanilla extract or lemon zest – salt

for the filling: 250 g. (8.8 oz) ricotta cheese – 2 tablespoons icing sugar – 2 tablespoons strawberries jam

Put the flour on a wooden board or kitchen surface; make a well and add the cold butter and a pinch of salt. Work the dough with your fingers, without pressing too much, until you will have some crumbs, like the wet sandy.

Add sugar, egg yolks and the lemon zest or vanilla. Work quickly until you will have a compact dough. Wrap it in a clingfilm and refrigerate for one hour.

In bowl mix the ricotta with the icing sugar.

Roll out the dough and line four 10 cm diameter round tins. Fill with the ricotta cream and add one teaspoons of jam in each one. Decorate the little tarts with some hearts made with the rest of the dough.

Bake at 200°/392 F for 20 minutes.