Topinambur cream

Topinambur cream

A light and creamy vegetable soup: topinambur and potatoes

The Jerusalem artichoke or topinambur is a tuber that seems like ginger, but with a colour that turns from beige to red.

It’s quite similar to the potatoes, but less rich in starch, so less creamy, with a light taste of … artichoke, of course.

You can use it raw, thinly sliced in a salad, or sauteed in extra virgin olive oil with garlic and herbs, mixed with other winter vegetables.

But for me, any occasion is good for a creamy soup!



500 g. (17 oz) tobinambur, peeled and diced – one potato, peeled and diced – 1 small onion, chopped – salt, pepper – about 5 walnuts, chopped – extra virgin olive oil.


In a heavy pan put a couple of spoons of extra virgin olive oil, add the onions and cook until soft without turning them into a brown colour. Add the tobinambur and the potatoe, season with a good pinch of salt and pepper and cover with warm water.

Cook for about 20 minutes or until the vegetables are soft and tender.

Puree with a blender until smooth.

Taste for salt and pepper and adjust the consistency: put the soup again in the pan and cook for some minutes more if too liquid or add some water if too creamy.

Serve with chopped walnuts. Serves 4